Secure cross-plattform email encryption based on PGP Standards

En-/Decryption & PGP

Why encryption?

E-Mail encryption protects sensitive company communication from unauthorized access. Encryption based on PGP provides the highest possible security standard for mobile communication.

End-to-End solution

7PG is an end-to-end solution. The e-mail is encrypted by the sender and decrypted only by the recipient thus providing maximum security.

Why 7PG?

  • Simple and comfortable use
  • Integration with existing infrastructure or new set-up
  • End-to-End Solution
  • Cross platform
  • Company branding

Enterprise Ready

Acceptance through Usability

  • Easy set-up and enrollment
  • Full integration with company e-mail solution
  • Integration with file management system and clipboard to encrypt/decrypt and sign

End-to-End Mobility

7PG can be fully company branded to foster responsible and conscious use of company information

7PG integrates seamlessly with existing encryption infrastructure based on PGP standards

7TWENTY supports companies in setting up an encryption infrastructure from scratch


7PG helps you to manage secure communication in a heterogenous device landscape without additional effort.